Death is only a Beginning

Everyone talks about death like it’s the end to a long journey through a life that almost never gets fulfilled

But what if death was only a beginning,

A realization about our place in this universe,

An understanding for what we were put on this earth to do

As a child i used to believe that every life was a lesson

I believed that when we died we were reborn into a new life, each time to learn something new

One life was full of hardship and taught our ever enduring and never dying soul the lesson of humility

Another life full of material goods was to teach our soul that money doesn’t buy happiness

These were the thoughts of a child

A child who was scared to die

And to rationalize dying believed that we never really die

Now that i am a bit older i can not wait to die

I’m not scared of it

I have questions, like everyone

But i am not scared to find out whether there is something else out there or if we just fade away into nothingness

Now when i say i can’t wait to die, i do not mean that i want it now

Live a life

A full life

And when u are done, then you should be ready to die

U should face it and not scare away

When your time comes, as it has come for every life before yours

U should fade away into the abyss peacefully and not with anger

And Once in the abyss you will find the answers to the universe; whatever they may be

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